The Amadeus Startup Universe is an initiative designed to create a bridge between Amadeus startups partners and travel industry experts. For Startups, it means relevant exposure from day 1, increasing the number of collaborations with corporations. For travel industry experts, it brings access to curated high potential startups. Whether you are looking for innovative players serving a specific travel segment, or ready to implement solutions within specific business areas, you can search and filter startups by accessing a detailed analysis to help find the best match for you.   

Innovation Videos

30 years of innovation and better journeys

For 30 years, Amadeus solutions have kept the travel sector moving.

Virtual Reality travel search

The world's first virtual reality travel search and booking experience.

Amadeus Ambient Services

Our environment is allowing new exchange touchpoints for businesses and users to connect.

Amadeus Video Solutions

An interactive video player that enables travelers to learn about destinations and related.

Using the Pepper robot

Discover 1A-TA, an experiment by Amadeus Innovation & Research, based on a humanoid robot.

Amadeus powers Travel

A glimpse into the life of Richard, a Social Capital Seeker with a passion for adventure.

Amadeus powers travel

Check out how Amadeus powers travel for Cultural Purist, Imola.

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